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  • Md Imteaz khan
    Updated on : 15-Mar-2022
    Rating : Very Good
    Profession : Graduate
    How do you know : I am a parent
    Comments : Overall looking good
    Updated on : 26-Feb-2022
    Rating : Very Good
    Profession : business
    How do you know : I am a parent
    Comments : i am looking for admission for my son in class 3 if any vacancy please let me know .thank you.
  • Anirban Chakraborty
    Updated on : 13-Jul-2021
    Rating : Good
    Profession : IT Professional
    How do you know : Through search engines
    Comments : It's good and informative and seems like well maintained. More information on admission for junior classes (Nursery , Kg) would have been helpful.
  • Pushkin Bhattacharya
    Updated on : 05-Jan-2021
    Rating : Average
    Profession : Banker
    How do you know : I am an ex-student
    Comments : Could be more interactive and colorful highlighting the rich heritage of the school
  • Test
    Updated on : 11-May-2020
    Rating : Very Good
    Profession : Testing
    How do you know : I am a parent
    Comments : Testing is in progress......

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